Galliers team smash charity challenge target!

Galliers team smash charity challenge target!


The team is preparing to tackle a unique event which will see their physical and mental skills tested.

By competing in the Hope Challenge from June 9 – 11 against other construction firms from throughout the UK they hoped to raise £3,000 in sponsorship but have in fact already collected £4,104.53.

The teams will be asked to complete a trek through the Peak District carrying materials to build a shelter to sleep in for the weekend, also undergoing mental trials to gain further points with the goal of being named winners.

Louise Dwyer, senior technical coordinator with Galliers, said that they wanted to be successful but the main aim of the event was to collect much-needed funds for people living in poverty.

“We are thrilled to have raised such a substantial amount for Habitat for Humanity, the charity behind the initiative, and are still looking for sponsors to help us collect more,” she said.

“Our staff can’t wait to take part in such a worthwhile challenge and by raising over £3,000 this is enough for the charity to build a new house for a homeless family in a third world country - providing them with the safe, secure accommodation that many of us take for granted.

“Whilst it will be testing for us to navigate ourselves through the Peak District carrying all the materials we need we hope we can then build a watertight shelter and get two nights’ sleep.

“We are also looking forward to some healthy competition with the other teams taking part, including our sister company Cameron Homes, based in Staffordshire, who have also raised over £3,000.

“There are additional points for shelters which are different and quirky, and those made of recycled materials, so we are busy planning how we can be creative and stand out from the crowd.

“As well as taking part in the fun mental and physical challenges we are excited about meeting, beating and networking with lots of competitor teams from across the house building industry.”

Anyone who can sponsor the Galliers team can still do so at