From Surrey to Shropshire!

From Surrey to Shropshire!


A video phone call was all one Galliers customer needed to ensure that her new home would meet every requirement on her wish list.

Elaine Taylor wanted to move to Shropshire from Surrey to be nearer her family but could not find her dream home despite spending weeks looking.

“I came up to the Shrewsbury area and viewed lots of the developers who were building new homes but could not see anything I liked,” explained Elaine.

“All the properties were poorly-built boxes with no character so I rejected them all but was running out of time to move.

“Luckily my son then saw the Galliers development at Bomere Green and knew that it ticked all my boxes.

“He skyped me from the site and showed me around the house as he was talking, assuring  me that the build quality was excellent so I said yes!”

Elaine bought the three-bedroom Dendale design but did not see the property until the day she moved in.

“As soon as I walked through the door I was pleased – it was a much superior home to the others I had viewed.

“It is well designed, with the rooms flowing well and lots of light inside and I like being in the countryside at Bomere Heath but yet quite near to Shrewsbury with all its shops and other attractions.

“The Galliers staff were very friendly and helpful and resolved any issues I had very quickly and easily so I am very happy here.”